In My Walking Shoes: Walk Kansas, Week 3

Did You Know

  • we throw away more than one-third of the food produced in the United States
  • the average family throws away 14 percent of its food purchases

I learned the above statistics and more at Tuesday evening’s Walk Kansas presentation, “The Sustainable American Dinner Plate.” Eating healthy while reducing food, water, and  energy wastes was the main topic of discussion. When I converted 14 percent to dollars thrown away, $28.00 per month in my case, the statistic had a bigger impression. For more information on making food choices that reduce waste and protect our environment, see the .pdf file “Making Everyday Choices for a Healthy, Sustainable Diet” by Mary Meck Higgins.

Meeting the Team

Emails to my team brought responses from all members. I met Lois at the poker walk last week. We exchanged regular getting to know you information like where we had lived in the past and jobs we had held. I am looking forward to seeing her at the walk again this week and to meeting Fran, another member of the team. We are coming together and giving moral support. Go team!

Meeting My Walking Goal

The old saying about not putting off until tomorrow what you can do today worked well for me this week. I started on Sunday with the idea of walking every day. I made it through Thursday. I was thrown off schedule when I baby sat my four great-grandchildren Wednesday though Friday. By Friday, I did not have the energy to walk, but because I had faithfully walked all the previous days with a few extra minutes thrown in, I went over the 150-minute weekly goal by 20 minutes.

The poker walk took place at the C of E Park. It is a beautiful place to walk, with a sidewalk around a pond that makes walking easy and pleasant. I also walked along the street near where I live and took advantage of the mall when the wind was blowing. Today I will be catching up for Week 4 as yesterday was cold and blustery. Being it was Easter, the mall was closed.

Food Goals

Did you notice the absence of “meeting” in the food goal heading? I was woefully short in fruit. With a goal of 14 for the week, I ate only 3. I did better with vegetables; with a total of 23 cups for the week, I met my goal of 3 cups per day or 21 per week.

I have made a new food goal of  30 grams of fiber per day, which means I am trying out new recipes with things like lentils, which I have rarely eaten. I made a lentil salad yesterday, but I haven’t eaten any yet. The recipe called for a 15-oz. can of lentils. I could not find a can of lentils at any of the three stores I normally shop, so I cooked a cup of the dry ones. That is, I overcooked them, which is not good for use in a salad. I added diced onion, tomatoes, and cucumber and a dressing of olive oil, cider vinegar, and lime juice. It is now marinating. The taste test will come later today.

Have you tried any new “healthy” recipes lately?  How did they work for you? Leave a comment and let us know what happened.



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