In My Walking Shoes: Walk Kansas Week 2

Where’s the Team?

Belonging to a team was an aspect of the Walk Kansas program that particularly appealed to me because I fulfill commitments better when I am part of a group working toward a goal. When I signed up, I questioned my lack of a team and was told that since I didn’t have one already, I would be assigned to one. I was, but I have yet to interact with members. I checked the Walk Kansas Facebook and Twitter links, but I didn’t find any messages or tweets that led the identity of people on my team.

When I didn’t meet any of my team members at  the kickoff party, I looked forward to the Poker Walk, thinking one or more of them might be walking at the same time. They weren’t. Today, when I emailed my minutes and fruit/veggie count to my team leader, I asked about contacting other team members. My leader responded quickly with an offer to provide contact information. Next week, I’ll let you know if I have success interacting with other members of my team.

Poker Walk

A poker walk is an organized walk where several people circle a track during the same time period. At a designated point, each walker picks a playing card from a basket. After seven trips around the track, the walker has seven playing cards that make up a poker hand. The hand is recorded and prizes are awarded to top hands.

Last week’s poker walk was scheduled on an outside track, but a chilly wind resulted in the event being moved to an inside track at the rec center. I was pleased with the move because the wind would have made outside exercise unpleasant. However, I will probably not attend any future walks held in the rec center. The track was wide enough for one person to comfortably pass another, and a posted sign indicated walkers should take the inside lane and runners the outside lane. At least, that was what I thought the sign said. It wouldn’t have mattered except that I came even with a woman pushing a baby in a buggy in the other lane. A runner came from behind and had trouble weaving between us. I increased my speed to pass the woman with the buggy, but when I stopped to pick my poker card, she passed me, and the same problem soon repeated itself. I am nervous when people come from behind and pass me in tight circumstances, so in the future, I will attend only those walks on the outside track.

Places to Walk

Besides the rec center, I filled up my 155 minutes of walking around my mobile home park, along city streets from Lincoln to Prairie, the David Traylor Zoo, and the Flinthills Mall. Trees were in bloom and outside walks a joy when the winds were down. Spring is definitely the time to explore the outdoors.

Where do you walk? What is your favorite time of day? Leave a comment and let me know.



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1 Response to In My Walking Shoes: Walk Kansas Week 2

  1. myrickeaton says:

    My favorite time of the day is the ‘warmest’ time. Where do I walk? Ummm….from my computer chair to the kitchen to fix food, then on into the living room when I collapse in my recliner when I take lunch and dinner breaks. I’m totally too busy to walk. I am surprised I haven’t come up with blood clots by now.

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