In My Walking Shoes: Walk Kansas, Week 4


This post is late because I made a quick trip to El Dorado yesterday to meet with writer friends. More about that in another post.

Meeting goals

I continue to meet my walking goals, 160 minutes last week, but fall down on the fruits and vegetables. I picked up on fruits: 11 last week as compared to 3 the week before. Vegetable fell from 23 cups to 18.

Meeting another team member

I was able to walk with another team member this week. She is fast, and that is good for me. I need someone who will help me pick up some speed. We walked at the mall since the wind was blowing hard and cold. This week we may try the track at the middle school.

Making Lentil Salad

I had to toss out the lentil salad I made last week. The cucumber in it did not agree with me. I had a cup of cooked lentils left over, so I did some substituting. I mixed celery, onion, and red and orange peppers with the lentils. Then I added garlic salt, pepper, and a fourth cup of balsamic vinaigrette dressing. After marinating a couple of hours, this turned out to be a tasty salad with high fiber.

Nutty Nibbles

The presentation this week was on the health features of nuts. I learned some interesting information about various nuts and tasted one new to me, pine nuts. For me, the most interesting fact I didn’t know before was the cashew’s toxic shell. The writer in me started making up scenarios for characters poisoning an enemy with a cashew shell. However, since I know next to nothing about the toxicity, I have a lot of research to do before I can use it in a story.

I’m halfway through Walk Kansas and looking for what I will do after it is over to keep the exercise going. The program next week is called “Bodies in Motion.” I’m hoping to pick up some tips there. I’ll let you know what I learn.

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