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The Seasoned Aspirer Logo: The Meaning behind the Symbol

I created the Seasoned Aspirer logo out of five runes. Such a creation is called a bind-rune. A bind-rune, like a logo, conveys meaning and serves as a distinctive mark.

The first step in creating the logo was to review the meaning associated with the various runes. I consulted Rune Power, a book by Kenneth Meadows, for the meanings of the runes and selected ones that conveyed the Seasoned Aspirer spirit. I then experimented with various ways of joining the runes until I found a pattern I liked. Below is an explanation of each runic letter and the reason I chose it.

The A-Rune actually looks like a backward F with the arms slanting downward. This letter is reversed from its normal position in order to create a more balanced symbol. I chose the A-Rune because it symbolizes creative power, communication, and artistic expression.

The E-Rune looks like the letter I and runs down the center of the logo. I chose the E-Rune because it represents stability, focus, and strength of will, qualities I need as I move forward from Seasoned Aspirer and live my dreams.

The R-Rune is in the lower right position in the logo and looks much like the letter R in our alphabet. I chose the R-Rune because it symbolizes moving forward in an orderly and measured manner. I am prone to bursts of energy and then long periods of thinking about doing instead of doing. I wanted the R-Rune to remind me to make daily, measured progress toward my goals.

The S-Rune is in the center right position. It resembles the letter S and is made up of the lower arm of the F-Rune (see below) and the upper part of the R-Rune. I chose the S-Rune because it symbolizes the soul’s purpose and the realization of impossible dreams. As a Seasoned Aspirer, I have often felt I didn’t have what was necessary to fulfill my dreams. The S-Rune reminds me that dream fulfillment is possible.

The F-Rune is the final rune in the logo. It looks like the letter F with slightly raised arms. I chose the F-Rune because is symbolizes accomplishment and bringing things to a satisfactory completion.

The combination of creative power, focus, measured progress, realization of soul purpose and impossible dreams are the elements that I, as a Seasoned Aspirer, need to move forward.

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