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What do a talk show host, an Egyptian mummy, a teenager questioned by the FBI, and a fundamentalist preacher have in common? They are all characters in my fiction.

My name is Hazel Hart. I am a retired college writing instructor in reality and a bestselling writer in my dreams.

I have been an aspiring writer since I was a teenager. Check out my picture above, and you’ll see that was a few decades ago. I’d probably be famous by now (at least, I like to think so), but instead of writing, I did other things. When I was fourteen, I quit junior high to get married. By the time I was twenty, I had two children and a GED diploma. With a strong desire to be a writer, I enrolled in junior college with the idea of majoring in journalism. I was talked out of that career direction by a counselor who pointed out that with two children to support, I needed a stable income. There was, he said, a teacher shortage, and he suggested I major in English. I followed his advice instead of my passion. Although I enjoyed teaching, I have always wondered “what if?”

Over the years, writing has always been in my New Year’s Resolutions; occasionally, I even finished something. I have revised two novels several times and started several others. I have also completed a couple of dozen short stories and poems. A few of them have been published. Some have even placed in contests.  Among those is my short story, “Amanda Marie,” which was published in the 2000-2004 Kansas Voices anthology. In 2006, another short story, “Time Out,” placed second in the Kansas Writers Association short story contest and was published in KWA’s Out of the Flatlands anthology. In April, 2007, my poem, “Out of Sight,” placed second in a contest about fences held in connection with a traveling Smithsonian exhibit. In October, 2007, the first five pages of my novel, Family History, placed second in a Kansas Author’s club contest.

Publishing my writing, traveling to promote it, and helping others achieve their goals have all been part of my lifelong aspirations. Everyone has a dream. I hope all you seasoned aspirers out there will join me in moving beyond aspirations and living our dreams.


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  1. Good day Hazel hart, you peaked my attention and hooked me immediately with your opening line in the form of a question. I will follow your journey. I’m also an aspiring writer utilizing the Florida Writers Association as my conduit to expand my knowledge and creativity.

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