Poker Walk at C of E Park, Week 2

C of E Park, Emporia, KS April 12, 216

C of E Park, Emporia, KS
April 12, 216

The Poker Walk

Yesterday was cool and sunny for the Walk Kansas Poker Walk at C of E Park. A jacket was too warm, but walking without one too cool. The beautiful white blossoms on the tree I photographed last week had fallen and been replaced with leaves. I worry about the tree behind and to the right of the center one because it appears to have several patches of dead leaves. Since I don’t know that much about trees, I may be stressing for nothing.

I made the trip around the pond five times and ended up with three fours for my poker hand. It beats last weeks pair of tens. We’ll see what next week brings.

Update: My Kindle Scout Campaign

There are 17 days left to nominate my historical novel, For Want of a Father, for publication. The novel is book two of the Pierce Family Saga and set in 1859, Kansas Territory. It is about fathers, daughters, and expectations. My Kindle Scout campaign pages has had 159 views so far. If you have not already nominated it, I would appreciate your help in making my dream of publication for it come true. If you have already nominated the book, thank you for your support.


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