Poker Walks at C of E Park, Emporia

April 5, 2016 C of E Park, Emporia, Kansas

April 5, 2016 C of E Park,
Emporia, Kansas

Tuesday April 5 was the first Walk Kansas Poker Walk of 2016. When I attended these walks in 2015, I was struck by the seasonal changes and have decided to document the weekly changes this year. Come back next week for the next photo.

Another Walk Kansas Event

Tuesday evening, Ronda Miller presented a program on “Gluten and Your Gut.” I already had some opinions of gluten based on my years as store manager for General Nutrition Centers, and, having a lifelong interest in nutrition, I wanted to know more. Ronda made three excellent points.

  1. It is important to get a doctor’s diagnosis before you attempt to go gluten free. If you get rid of gluten in your diet before you have a test for celiac disease, the results will not be accurate.
  2. Don’t get your health advice from .com or .net websites (like this one). Look for .gov, .org, or .edu for reliable information. A good source of information is the Celiac Disease Foundation.
  3. Read labels. Even though a product does not naturally have gluten in it, product storage and/or preparation may result in cross-contamination.

My Kindle Scout Campaign

Unrelated to Walk Kansas is my Kindle Scout campaign for my novel For Want of a Father. If you have not already nominated For Want of a Father for publication, please visit my Kindle Scout campaign page, check out the book cover and description of the book. If you like what you see please nominate the book. The campaign runs until April 30. If you have already nominated the book, thank you for your support.

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