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Audience Matters

In a recent Write to Fit blog post, I wrote about identifying your audience before you write. Two recent reading experiences underscored the importance of audience regardless of whether you present your ideas in person or in print. The first … Continue reading

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When Is a Review not a Review?

In a Time magazine article (July 6/July 13, 2015) titled “Harper Lee’s second success,” Lev Grossman states: “Go Set a Watchman has already been reviewed 192 times on Goodreads, even though no one has actually read it.” How can that be? How can … Continue reading

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Book Marketing Baby Steps, Part 2

“I do my work at the same time each day – the last minute.” ~Author Unknown It’s still Thursday somewhere. At least that is what I have been telling myself the past couple of hours as I struggle to write … Continue reading

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After the Blog Hop: Book Marketing Baby Steps, Part 1

It’s Thursday, and, as promised, I’m here to report on my first week of book marketing. The “as promised” was an important first step. Without it, I probably wouldn’t be posting today because if there is one thing I am … Continue reading

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