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Photo 101: Closeup, Contrast, and Cropping

My daughter has always been a flower gardener, but this year she branched out into fruits and vegetables. A few days ago, she brought me one perfect tomato, and I  used it to cover several Photo 101 lessons: color contrast, … Continue reading

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Cottonwood River-Watching

The Cottonwood River reminds me that life is an ever-changing scene. Just a month ago, the river was flooding. Yesterday, people were wading in it. Surely, there is a poem in this. I’ll let you know if it comes.

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The Flint Hills and Solitude

Pioneer Solitude Last Saturday, I visited Pioneer Bluffs where this log cabin was home to a family when Kansas was still a territory. Imagine the solitude this family experienced. The Flint Hills Today The building are modern, but it is … Continue reading

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Bliss, like Beauty, Is in the Eye of the Beholder

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An unusual view of bliss A night scene of footprints in the snow would not be the first thing most people would think of as a picture that symbolizes bliss. In my case, the picture was the end of a … Continue reading

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Emporia, Kansas: Street and Water Scenes

I combined assignments 2 and 3 of Photography 101 into one photo shoot. I started downtown, hoping to catch some good subjects at the farmer’s market, but I was too late. I was also too early for Live in the … Continue reading

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Kansas: My Home State

I did what? As a Seasoned Aspirer, I sometimes find available free courses are so appealing that I get in over my head with enrollments. It happened again this week when I enthusiastically enrolled in two WordPress courses: Blogging 101 … Continue reading

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