Aspirations and Resolutions

This is the time of year when many people review their aspirations and make resolutions for achieving them. I am one of those people. This year, I looked back at journals that covered fifty-plus years of my life and saw that, year to year, I had similar resolutions: I aspired to exercise more, lose weight, and become a published writer. That these aspirations/resolutions remained so constant through the years should tell me something about myself, but I haven’t quite decided what.

I have made some progress toward my goals. For example, I now weigh fifty pounds less than I did in 2013. I have self-published nine novels, and five of them are selling well on Amazon. So I have made progress on many of my aspirations, but some still need my attention. I am working to lose another fifteen pounds, exercise daily, and improve both the amount and quality of my writing.

I recently read that you should never say you are an aspiring writer because that tells everyone you are a beginner. I understand that is what some people might think when they hear the term, and I would add some specific details to it. (I love specific details.) I believe we can always become better at what we do, and I aspire to become better at portraying the hearts and minds of my characters in ways that will engage my readers in a story that will take them on a vicarious emotional journey.

Not only do I aspire to write better fiction, I aspire to become a more regular blogger. Of my three blogs, this one has been my most neglected. My most recent post before today’s was in 2018. My goal this year is to post once a month to each blog. I broke through with some success on weight and writing fiction. I am determined to make this the breakthrough year on blogging.

If you would like to, please comment and share your aspirations for the coming year.

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2 Responses to Aspirations and Resolutions

  1. dairsik says:

    Hazel, you are an inspiration to me and others.
    I decided long ago that New years resolutions were a waste of time because I soon fell into old routines and never achieved my lofty goals. I have also been very sporadic on my blog and hope to make it a priority. It seems I only write something when I am publishing or getting ready for an event. I fully intend to publish a book of poetry this year and start working on historical fiction.
    Good luck with achieving your goals in 2022!


    • Hazel says:

      Deb, I’m looking forward to reading your blog posts and historical fiction. Good luck to you, too, in this new year.

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