Ending the Border Children Crisis: A Modest Proposal

It seems like every morning there are more news articles on the horrible effects of separating children from their parents. One blog post that spells out the damages being done to the Border Children is Sally Edelstein’s “What Are We Doing to the Children? When Administration officials (from the President to the Attorney General and all other supporters of this cruel policy) are challenged about their horrendous treatment of children, the one thing they say that is true is this: Congress needs to act.

What do our mealy-mouthed elected U.S. Representatives and Senators have to say in return?

  • They have several bills lined up but none of them will pass.
  • If anything does pass, the President won’t sign it.

In effect, they are saying there is really nothing they can do.


How about this modest proposal?

  • Round up all U.S. Representatives and Senators and LOCK THEM UP in the Capitol Building. Don’t let them out until they have passed a law that takes care of this problem.
  • Take away cell phones, email, and all other means of communication with the outside world. Especially stop all communication with their families. If it’s good enough for children in a strange country, it’s good enough for people who were elected to do a job and aren’t doing it.
  • Stop all Congressional paychecks until the Crisis of the Border Children is resolved by law.
  • Pass a law that puts an end to policies that punish innocent children and get those children who have been separated from their parents back with them.
  • If Congress passes a law and the President won’t sign it, they need to do what the law allows:
  • Override the Veto!

So U.S. Representatives and Senators, whether it is Guts, Spine, or Balls, show that you have enough of the appropriate body part to stand up to the President and his Administration and stop the cruelty that is being inflicted on these children.

Most of us have always believed our country was better than this. It’s time for Congress to prove it.

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