Possessing Sara: A Sequel?

How far will two men go to possess the woman they both love?

How far will two men go to possess the woman they both love?

According to my Webster’s New World Dictionary, a sequel is “any literary work complete in itself but continuing a story begun in an earlier work.” Possessing Sara continues the stories of George Lawson and his son Junior that began in my first novel, The Night before Christmas. In the first novel, George Lawson is a new but dedicated member of the Church of Light, a fundamentalist church in the small town of Elm Grove. Junior Lawson is his year-old son.

The thought of a sequel didn’t come to mind until thirty years later when I needed a challenger to Garth Drummond, the psychic in love with Sara Kramer in Possessing Sara. Who better than Junior Lawson, the son of Brother George Lawson, who took over as leader of the Church of Light when the original minister retired, to complete the love triangle?

Or is it a love triangle? Sara Kramer doesn’t see it that way. Garth was once her best friend, but she doesn’t trust the psychic he has become–and she’s never liked Junior Lawson. In fact, she’s considered him a stalker for years. For more on Junior Lawson, check out this Keyhole Conversations blog post.

Books on sale this week

Both The Night before Christmas and Possessing Sara are on special this week, so this is a perfect time to get both. I have reduced the price of The Night before Christmas to 99 cents on Amazon until December 31, 2015. Possessing Sara is on a 99 cent Kindle countdown deal from now until December 21, 2015

In addition, The Night before Christmas is available on Smashwords for 99 cents until December 31, 2015 if you use the coupon code QX62S at checkout.


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