Reflections on My First Novel


A Psychological Suspense Novel

A Psychological Suspense Novel

When December rolls around, I always think about my first novel, The Night Before Christmas. I began writing it in 1970 and published it in 2008. Recently, I was asked how many times I revised it. Truthfully, I lost count over the years. There were several times I thought it was finished, and then a new change came to mind. The characters, good and bad, are forever in my heart as well as my mind.

  • There is Betty, a wife and mother, only 23 with three daughters and no skills to support them, so she decides to go back to an abusive husband.
  • Then there is Wes, a husband and father, a man who loves his family, an alcoholic trying to stop drinking, a man of faith but lacking in understanding, a lack that puts him on a deadly path.
  • Finally, there is Sadie, the strict grandmother who raised Wes in her fundamentalist church, the Church of Light, and prays for his salvation.

Each has a point of view and a way of seeing things. Each has a hand in bringing about the crisis that threatens to destroy them all.

Through December 31. The Night before Christmas, which is regularly $2.99 will be available on Amazon for 99 cents. It will also be available for 99 cents on Smashwords if you use the coupon code of QX62S at checkout.


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