Possessing Sara: A New Look

A new format and a new vision

I published my suspense novel, Possessing Sara, as an e-book on September 15, 2012, so this is its third anniversary.  I have long wanted to publish it in paperback, but the e-book cover wouldn’t work–not enough dpi–and my cover creating skills are limited. Finally, I resorted to a new cover photo and the Create Space cover creator. While formatting and proofreading the paperback, the story took on additional meaning, which is shown in the book descriptions of the two books.

First the e-book

When I first started writing Possessing Sara, I planned to write a romance. While there is some romance in the finished novel, I realized most romance readers would be dissatisfied. Forget one star; it might get a minus one from those passionate about romance. With this in mind, I chose the suspense category. Sara Kramer, the main character, is being stalked, and their is a list of possible suspects. Below is the eBook cover and book description.


How far will two men go to possess the woman they both love?

How far will two men go to possess the woman they both love?

eBook Description

Sara Kramer, who doubts everything, is pursued by two men of opposite but equally strong faiths: Garth Drummond, a New Age psychic healer and Junior Lawson, a fundamentalist preacher. When Sara refuses the preacher’s proposal, he blames the psychic healer, believing the man has put a curse on Sara and she is now possessed by demons.

The paperback

Yes, the edges of the paperback are hard to see because the cover background is so light. Amazon has turned the book sideways so the spine with a black bar is visible which makes the book easier to view. I had to go with available cover creator colors that wouldn’t clash with those in the photo. The physical book is attractive, and that matters most to me since I will be taking it to book fairs and other events.


Childhood friends. . . Adult adversaries . . . Can an old friend be trusted?

Childhood friends. . .
Adult adversaries . . .
Can an old friend be trusted?

As you can see by the caption under the book and the description below, the paperback version has a different take. I have removed the emphasis on two men competing for Sara’s affections and put it on the danger she is in, which, hopefully, steps up the suspense aspect.

Paperback description

Childhood friends. . . Adult adversaries

Raised in a carnival until she is thirteen and then abandoned on the doorstep of her fundamentalist Christian grandparents, Sara Kramer has a loathing for scams. When former best friend Garth comes to town as a psychic healer, Sara vows to shut his business down if she detects even a whiff of swindle. She has barely begun her investigation when she becomes the target of a stalker. Then a rock with a note attached crashed through her living room window. The message:
Mind your own business!
Garth says he is not responsible and offers his help. Can he be trusted, or is he behind the threats?

Suspense–and more

There is plenty of suspense in Possessing Sara, but as I proofread the pages, I realized the story was deeper than a woman in jeopardy or two men battling for the affections of one woman. Sara, Garth, and Junior, the three main characters in the novel, each have their own stories of faith, friendship, and family secrets. We get to see what they believe and why and come to understand how those beliefs affect their lives.

Which book description do you like best? Would either make you want to read more? Leave a comment and let me know.

If Possessing Sara sounds like a novel you would enjoy, check out the eBook or the paperback on Amazon. If you like Possessing Sara, check out the other novels on my author’s page. You’ll find they all focus on faith and family in some way.

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