Reviews Again: What I Have Learned

My previous post on book reviews was based on my long-held belief that someone actually read a book before reviewing it. Not so. I am currently reading Book Publishing 101 by Martha Maeda. In her book, Maeda makes the distinction between a book critic and a book reviewer. Her definition of a book critic as someone who reads the entire book and discusses the contents in depth is the meaning I had always held of a professional book reviewer. However, as Maeda points out, professional reviewers “might do 15 reviews a week and do not have time to read a book completely.” She indicates reviews are often based on the book cover copy and press release information and stresses the importance of both.

I am not going to do an in-depth review of Maeda’s book here, but it does contain a wealth of information for writers, whether they are looking to publish traditionally or self-publish.

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1 Response to Reviews Again: What I Have Learned

  1. SarahC says:

    It is marketing then. Interesting. Now I know why the ‘blurbs’ are so far off on some books I read! Thanks for sharing this.

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