Kansas: My Home State

I did what?

As a Seasoned Aspirer, I sometimes find available free courses are so appealing that I get in over my head with enrollments. It happened again this week when I enthusiastically enrolled in two WordPress courses: Blogging 101 and Photography 101. I see now that I am going to have to creatively combine the lessons for each course into one entry or exhaust my poor followers, so here goes my first attempt at combining.

Photography 101 Assignment: Post a picture of home (home to be loosely interpreted)

100_2419A good share of my childhood was spent on a farm with a creek running through it near Elk Falls, Kansas. Many days were spent running up and down the banks of that small stream, wading in the water, catching crawdads, threading worms on fishhooks, and pulling in perch. I don’t have a picture of that creek, so I am substituting a recent snapshot of a comparable one near Cambridge, Kansas.


Lake El Dorado at Sunset

Lake El Dorado at Sunset

Before and after I lived on the farm, El Dorado, Kansas, was my home. For many years, El Dorado had two lakes: Bluestem and El Dorado. Sometime after I grew up, the lakes were merged and the result was Lake El Dorado. A few years ago, my writing buddy, Bonnie, and I rented a cabin for a weekend write-in. During that time, I took a picture of a sunset that the birds lined up along the bank seemed to appreciate as much as I did.


Blogging 101 Assignment: Tell readers who I am and what this blog is about

Okay, I confess. I took Blogging 101 the last time it was offered and got miserably behind, so somewhere I have already said who I was–well, sort of–but what the blog is about keeps evolving. After I finish my blogging and photo assignments, I plan on posting on the following topics: Kansas museums and interesting events around the state, more “In My Walking Shoes” articles, a monthly book review, and some takes on Kansas politics.

Why all this emphasis on Kansas? Besides it being my home, it is also home to almost all the characters in my published novels and the setting for Cordelia’s Journey, the first book in a series of historical novels I plan to write, so I’ll be posting about my research sources, finds, and failures. If any of these topics sound interesting or you would just like to see how I do on this crazy double-course path I have chosen, then subscribe to my blog.


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6 Responses to Kansas: My Home State

  1. myrickeaton says:

    Love the photo of the river which reminds me of my life–rushing nowhere and everywhere, trying to stay afloat. I’m overwhelmed at all the projects I, too, try to keep up with. The current is getting a little too swift for this old lady. BTW, great blog post.

  2. Erica says:

    Hi Hazel,
    I too, get crazy excited over free enrollments and I like how you’ve combined blogging with photography. Can’t wait to see more from you!

  3. Olga says:

    Hi Hazel. I did the same as you and maybe some others. When I saw all the blogs that I had to read this morning, I made a reluctant decision to cancel Photography 101 and will stick to something manageable. So here I am. Enjoyed your photographs.

  4. SarahC says:

    I too love free courses, tho this may be the first I can complete. The idea to combine is neat, I will keep that in mind if I fall too far behind. It is awesome to meet writers and learn new parts of the USA on this journey blogging within the course. Nice to meet you here.

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