In My Walking Shoes: Walk Kansas, Week 6

During Week 6 of Walk Kansas, I began to appreciate mall-walking. I spent 60 of my 150 minutes chugging up and down mall hallways. I would have spent an additional 30 minutes there except for the crafts show being held last Saturday. Weaving around booths and dodging an increased number of customers did not appeal to me.

Why Mall-Walking?

Malls are not my favorite places. I used to work in malls when I was a manager for General Nutrition Centers (GNC), so spending time in one brings up work images.  Before Walk Kansas, I had been in the local mall less than five times in the eighteen months I had lived in Emporia. However, weather and my age have changed my views. I find shelter from the Kansas wind and availability of drinking water and bathrooms more than make up for the loss of fresh air. Besides, I can take a few extra deep breaths of outside air and some extra steps if I park at the far end of the parking lot instead of in front of the door.

Fiber, Fruits, Vegetables, and Weight Gain

Making my fiber, fruit, and vegetable goals has been harder than making the minute goals. This week’s totals, 10 fruits and 18 vegetables, were below the goals of 14 fruits and 24 vegetables. To add to my frustration, I gained five pounds since my last doctor visit in January. All that walking and I gained weight. Not fair! I have tried to excuse the gain with water weight and/or muscle weight, but I get the munchies while watching TV in the evening, which is probably the real problem.

Bodies in Motion

At this week’s event, “Bodies in Motion,” Walk Kansas members gathered on the front lawn of the Emporia Recreation Center (ERC) to play games, including bocce, bolo (also called ladder toss), washers, and kubb. ERC is in the middle of a residential area and several neighbors stopped to watch our newbie attempts at playing these games. In fact, a couple of guys brought out lawn chairs and became our cheering section. Maybe they will be back for our regular Tuesday evening games running May 5 – June 30. More events like this would go a long way toward helping me decrease my TV-munchies time.

Do you have any outdoor activities planned this summer? What’s your favorite lawn game?

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2 Responses to In My Walking Shoes: Walk Kansas, Week 6

  1. myrickeaton says:

    Loved the part about your ‘cheering section’! At least now I know what I SHOULD be doing. That sounds like way too much fruit and veggies. I could never do it, so I admire your valiant effort.

  2. Hazel says:

    Thanks, Bonnie. If I could get down the recommended fruits and veggies, I wouldn’t have room for the bad stuff.

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