In My Walking Shoes: Walk Kansas


Walk Kansas 2015: March 15 – May 9

As a Seasoned Aspirer, one of my recurrent aspirations is to get fit. This is in direct opposition to my most enduring habit: procrastination. If I manage to exercise regularly for a couple of weeks, I usually stick with the routine for an extended time. My longest stint lasted a year. It began with classes at the local YMCA and ended when I moved to a town without a Y. My last extended exercise time was four months in Spring 2014. I can’t remember what knocked me off the exercise track, but getting back on has been difficult. I’ve made several attempts, but none lasted more than four days–not enough to form a habit. When I heard about Walk Kansas, it sounded like the perfect community health program to launch me on the path to a fitness habit.

Off to a rough start

There are Walk Kansas programs all across the state. When I signed up, I received a packet of information. Noting that the kickoff party was March 17, I glanced at the rest of the information but didn’t read it thoroughly. Big mistake. I assumed the kickoff party would be the first day of the event, but the first day was actually March 15. I missed walking on two perfectly beautiful spring days because I didn’t pay attention. The day of the party, the wind was up and the daytime high temperature was in the 60s. It rained the next two days, so my first three walking days took place at the mall.

Where’s the team?

My team is supposed to have six members, and I assumed (there’s that word again) I’d meet some of them at the kickoff party, but that didn’t happen. Dozens of people attended, but there was no method for getting unacquainted team members together. I did sit at a table with two women, Reva and Violet, who had been through the program before and gave me some helpful tips.

An acceptable finish to week one

I managed to make the weekly goal of walking 150 minutes. I ended on the low side for the consumption of fruits and vegetables. My weekly total were 13 cups of fruit and 14 cups of vegetables. I didn’t do any strength training, so I will be adding that this week.

Staying on track

I’m making “In My Walking Shoes” a weekly series. I’ll be reporting on my progress and some of the events involved in the Walk Kansas program.

Join me in getting healthy

How do you get started in an exercise program? What do you do to stick with it? What is your favorite exercise? Please comment and let me know what you are doing and how it is working for you. Seasoned Aspirers should stick together.


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2 Responses to In My Walking Shoes: Walk Kansas

  1. Tracy says:

    I participated in Walk KS starting with year 1! Dropped out the last couple of years because I lost my team members. Maybe next year we should recruit from the Emporia Writers Group and make a writing and walking group!

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