Book Marketing Baby Steps Part 3: Mind Your Manners

A Belated Thank You

First, my thanks go out to Joshua Rushton at Minecraft Books Blog for publishing my author interview. While gaming is his focus, his interviews are with authors of a variety of genres, so check him out. When you do, you will see that he posted the interview almost three weeks ago, and here I am just getting around to the “Thank You.”

The ghost of the grandmother who raised me has been nagging me almost daily since Joshua posted my interview. Sometimes she whispers, and other times she shouts, “You haven’t said ‘thank you’ yet.”

“But,” I respond, “I’m working on a post about book marketing baby steps, and I want to include the interview link in the post.”

“So why haven’t you written it?” she asks.

“The baby’s going in too many directions.To the Amazon Authors page , LinkedIn, Goodreads, Shelfari, Library Thing, Author’s Den, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, add virtual book tours, crowdfunding, and more videos on how to market than I can shake a stick at, and I can’t seem to settle on a single step.”

I added the “than I can shake a stick at” phrase because she always used to say that, and I figure she’ll identify with it and cut me some slack.

Not Grandma.

She frowns and shakes her head. “I thought I taught you to show appreciation when someone does something for you. Good manners work anywhere and everywhere, whether it is the next door neighbor or someone helping you with that book marketing you’re so wrapped up in.”

“But it’s been almost three weeks, and I’m embarrassed, and–”

She cuts me off. “Better late than never.”

“Yes, Grandma,” I say.

So thank you, Joshua Rushton, for the the interview. I do appreciate it, and I’m going to work on my manners.






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