Book Marketing Baby Steps, Part 2

“I do my work at the same time each day – the last minute.”

~Author Unknown

It’s still Thursday somewhere. At least that is what I have been telling myself the past couple of hours as I struggle to write something worth reading on the subject of book review sites and book bloggers. It shouldn’t be that hard since I have all those links provided by the experts in the Book Marketing Challenge.

Beth Barany’s article “How to Run a Blog Tour for Fiction Writers” contained several links to book reviewers, and I am currently working through the list on The Indie Book Reviewer Yellow Pages. This site has an alphabetical list of reviewers, the genres they read, their web addresses, and whether e-books are accepted.

In the past week, I have been to a half dozen book blogger sites and signed up for three of them. I am still working through the requirements each has for submitting books for review. These requirements are often not easy to find. Some charge a fee; others do not.

Researching book review and blogger sites is time intensive. I will continue the search and report on what I consider the best of the lot. If you find any I should add to the list, please leave a comment and a link.

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  1. If you like, I would be happy to do an interview with you to go on our blog. Enjoy hearing from writers!

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