Welcome to Seasoned Aspirer

I first called myself a Seasoned Aspirer in the mid-1980s in a bookstore in Boulder, Colorado. According to a posted notice, a new writer’s group was being formed for seasoned and aspiring writers. I told a friend that it was the perfect group for me because I had spent more than two decades as a seasoned aspirer. The name stuck. I wrote sporadically and continued as an aspirer. Now, it’s time for action. For more of my personal story, see the About Me page.

This site, like my life is a work in progress. If some pages look incomplete, it’s because I am fighting the technology, trying to figure out how everything works.

As I develop the site, you’ll find a blog addressing my progress toward the fulfillment of my writing/publishing goals, as well as other seasoned aspirations on my list, including finances, travel, and health. If you are also a seasoned aspirer, I hope you’ll contact me with your experiences, and we can encourage each other to live the dream.

If you think you have read this post before, you may have. I first published the blog on Go Daddy, but they are discontinuing the Quick Blogcast function, so here I am starting over–which is the way of a Seasoned Aspirer.

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